Wanderer Dew Terminator
Compact and powerful 3-channel dew heater/DC controller
Our intelligent closed-loop control solution based on ambient dew point temperature and dew heater temperature provides the most scientific and effective dew heater control, which keeps your lens dry while avoiding overheating and energy waste. You can also use it as a DC hub or DC switch.
Maximum 8A input 3 always on DC outputs 3 independent PWM/DC switches
1 DHT22 temp & humidity sensor included
3 temperature probes included 3 dew heaters independently and intelligently controlled
Dew point temperature difference mode
Constant temperature mode
Manual PWM mode
The most scientific and effective dew heater control
M6 and M4 threaded holes on the bottom Easy to install
Super compact! The size is only 7.4*5.3*2.3 cm Weight is less than 100g!
Input voltage monitoring Ambient temperature and humidity monitoring Dew heater temperature monitoring
Custom functions
Switch mode
Switch name
Dew heater temperature...
What's included