WandererCover V4 Pro-EC
Professional motorized flat panel for large aperture telescopes
What's the difference?
The built-in encoder provides real-time and accurate feedback on the position of the cover. Repeatable positioning accuracy is higher than ±0.25 degrees.
The new wire harnessing scheme prevents damage to power supply lines during repeated opening and closing, and is not afraid of the cold winter.

Brand new high-torque motor, quieter, more durable, self-locking, suitable for large-aperture telescopes. Watch your hands when it is running!
Can be opened at 270 degrees
Customizable opening and closing angle
There are M3 and M4 threaded holes on the bottom of the motor box so that it is convenient for truss telescope users to install. You can contact us to customize the bracket.
Luminous diameter available in 280mm, 320mm and 380mm. The dimming frequency is increased by 100% to get rid of bandings. 255-level dimming allows both broadband and narrowband flats shooting.
The new ASCOM driver makes use easier. It supports automatic/manual port selection and connection of multiple devices. The control interface is also optimized. INDI driver will also be available.
What's included