WandererRotator Pro V2
Professional M92 Rotator
Brand-new family-style appearance design.
WandererRotator Pro V2 (left) and Mini V2 (right)
With the new motor, the noise has dropped significantly. The operation is smoother, and the angular resolution is 10.2 times higher.
High Payload

Maximum payload of 9 Nm*

*The torque generated by the imaging equipment to the rotator must be less than 9 Nm. For example, if the center of gravity of the equipment is 15cm away from the rotator, the maximum weight of the equipment should not exceed 6kg.

Fast and Accurate

Rotation rate: 3 degrees/sec
Angular resolution: 0.005 degree

Zero flexure guaranteed

Patented magnetic design Absolute zero flexure is guaranteed at any PA

Ultra lightweight

Thanks to the excellent mechanical design and the use of high-strength materials, it weighs only 816g.
Ultra low-profile

At just 16mm thick, this is a marvel of design and manufacturing.

For users of altazimuth mounts and Dobs
Connect 6 devices simultaneously!

The ASCOM driver supports simultaneous and independent connection of up to 6 WandererRotators of any model!
What's included