WandererBox PLUS V2
Powerful and Portable !

Multiple DC outputs
6 DC outputs(1*Always On+2*PWM+3*DC)
Up to 10 Amps in total
6 USB 2.0 High Speed ports
Can be switched ON/OFF (data + power)
Light and small
Weighs only 120 grams 8.3cm x 5.3cm x 2.4cm
Easy installation

M6 threaded hole and M4 threaded holes at the bottom
5V power supply

Built-in 12V-5V step-down module
Provides continuous current up to 3A Comes with 3A self-recovery fuse to prevent overcurrent
Electrostatic protection

All USB ports are equipped with ±20kV ESD for stability in dry weather
Abundant DC output ports
Provides you Everything
Port 6 is an Always On DC output, which is suitable for equipment that needs to be powered on all the time such as your computor.

Ports 4 and 5 are PWM outputs , which allow mannual or auto control of your dew heaters.

Ports 1-3 are three DC outputs connected in parallel .They can be turned on or off at the same time, suitable for power supply for your CCDs , rotators , focusers , etc .
Dew heater/Switch Mode can be switched on your demand

If you do not need a dew heater or only need one dew heater, ports 4 and 5 can also be set to Switch Mode , which works same as ports 1-3.

Enough USB ports
For all the device
CCD , guide camera, filter wheel, EAF, rotator, equatorial mount...

Leave it all to WandererBox Plus V2!
Multiple Transaction Translator (MTT) USB 2.0 Hub chip
High-speed data transmission for every port.

High current
5V power supply

Meet the power needs of various equipment

Gold-plated DC5.5x2.5mm input carries up to 10A current Ports 1-3 each provides up to 6.5A current Ports 4-6 provides maximum 6.5A current in total
When 12V power supply is connected, all USB outputs can provide 5V power supply Total output up to 3A Meet the needs of 5V powered devices such as dew heaters and focusers
USB On/Off
6 USB ports can be turned On or Off at the same time No longer need to restart your computer frequently Save time and start shooting now!

Built-in Power Sensor
Monitor all the devices

Real-time visual monitoring of input voltage and current
Help you know if the device is working properly
Light as a feather

Weighs only 120g Measures 8.3cm x 5.3cm x 2.4cm

All aluminum alloy CNC shell

Combining powerful heat dissipation with beauty and sophistication

Technical Specification